Medical Check Ups

Medical Examination 


 Only the selected candidates will be sent to a Hospital or a Medical Centre approved by Government of Nepal for Foreign employment health check-up to conduct a full medical examination in order to ensure that they are both physically and mentally fit before joining the company. The candidates, who pass the Medical examination {(FIT) physically and mentally} for an employment, are eligible to apply for further process. In the case of Saudi Arabia, We take original Medical card & original passport for stamping the visa. Without medical card, the visa is not possible. 


Advice Reguarding Medical Examination

  • -Do not conceal medical conditions. Deliberate attempts to hide them will be reported.
  • -Do not conceal pregnancy.
  • -Abstain from drinking alcohol on the day before the examination.
  • -Note that your whole body will be examined. Please maintain proper hygiene.
  • -If you use glasses or contact lens, please bring them to the health assessment.

‚ÄčIf the general examination reveal the need for additional tests, the applicant will be responsible for the extra charges.     

Candidates who suffer or have suffered from a chronic illness or have had a serious operation in the past should bring medical reports with them and present them to the examining physician.