Training Provision

Chandrama Overseas Pvt.Ltd. manages the training as per the requirement of the particular candidate no matter what they are unskilled General Workers or highly skilled professionals, training is conducted to meet the jobs' specification and requirements as per the demand of the client companies , to educate candidates on the required measures to safeguard themselves against accidents, incidents, diseases, in addition to instilling awareness to the workers on their rights and responsibilities under the employment law. Information about the working condition, political condition, climatic condition, socio-cultural values, &etc. Group therapies and seminars are organized to encourage professional connection and keep employee morale running high.

The orientation is given to maintain their adaptability towards work and encourage them towards commitment and sincerity on the job.

Pre-departure Orientations:

The government of many countries requires the entire contract workers to attend the pre-departure orientation classes before their entry in the respective country. For this, to let the traveling people participate in such classes we make arrangement of such classes in the qualified centers in Nepal, this will enable to know the workers  of the condition of their host country, their political & religious situation, rules & regulations to be followed, their working environment & so on.